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September 21:

From San Francisco, we would like to tell you about the latest updates on our website. Recently, an article in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad appeared and we made our final presentation stuff.

September 13:

  • All past data on testing and research is settled under development. No data has been changed in the transfer
  • New pages about the final design and presentation are added and partly filled with information about the new Keyping system
  • A new banner is added, with our logo, slogan and a small picture of the prototype
  • The text and images on the homepage are rewritten and matches the current state of the KeyPing project

August 16:

  • We found some interesting articles on social connectedness
  • The idea section is fully updated: check out the videos of our phidget prototyping!
  • The further we go, the more inspiration we get: Low resolution surface animation and Activity and visuals pages have new videos
  • Test 3, 4 and 5 are finalized and the conclusions are quite interesting 🙂
  • As we speak, we are busy to narrow down our findings and develop KeyPing 2.

We’ll keep you posted!

July 14:

We have uploaded some nice videos about other projects, visuals, sound and light to use as an inspiration for our project. An other thing we are doing for inspiration is making photographs of different bunch of keys, because we are still looking for options that are moveable/mobile. We already have some ideas for this and will be presented as soon as possible.

We started with the first two tests. A small setup and overview of the test materials is presented on the tests page.


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