Show distance and speed with 4 LEDs (June 24th)

On the current KeyPing board the shown activity is based on the sensor data from a sensor that measures a door is open or closed. This parameter is very static; it is like on and off, open and closed, home and away. After speaking with people, elderly but also youngsters, we can conclude it is also a privacy sensitive issue. A lot of people would not like to give this information to their contact persons. People would like to have more influence in what kind of information they gave to which people.

One of our first ideas, to step away from the door sensor, was to use a more variable parameter like movement. To measure these parameters GPS can be used. Very important in this case is what (speed and/or distance) and how you visualize these parameters. An exact location is not something you want to communicate; it is more about activity in a broader view. The idea behind this is that people are able to interpret these visualizations in different ways, because they have also other information about these contact persons. For example, grandma knows her granddaughter studies in another town than she lives. Based on the speed visualization and the shown distance from home, grandma is able to interpret that her granddaughter is traveling to her study by train, on that specific moment. This gives grandma the opportunity to be more connected to her grandchild.  Because of this self interpretation the accuracy of the distance sensor is not very important. The system should be able to show a contact person is in the town he/she lives. It is not that you are able to see a contact person is home or not, like it is in the current concept.

This is a simple visualization how we could use four leds to show distance and speed of a contact person on the KeyPing board.

At August 5, we decided to show the activityat the back of the Thinky. The Thinky is the magnetic and moveable object that represents the actions and activity of a contact person (formerly known as knob).  Below, some of our ideas are shown to visualize speed and location.


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