It all began in February 2009, when a course was started at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, faculty of Industrial Design. This course is called Interactive Technology Design (ITD) and one of the design briefs of the course was to develop an interactive system that would make elderly feel more connected with their loved ones. This design brief came from Thomas Visser, who was at that point promoting at the faculty. One of the teams for this design brief consisted our of four students: Robert Leufkens, Mariska Rooth, Tristan Weevers and Sanne van der Worm. During the following semester, they developed the principal idea of the KeyPing system. More information about the previous KeyPing blog.

One of the last activities during the ITD course was a market (June 26th) with all the projects and concepts. During this market Ianus Keller made a small movie with our prototype and Tristan Weevers describing the idea and working principle of the KeyPing concept (see below). After the course, the students were asked to further develop the concept and present it at the Intel Developers Forum (IDF) in San Francisco in September2009. The students went on with the project and the new briefing from Intel.

The project will be shown at a Design Expo showcase that will be held in conjunction with the IDF. Six schools will be coming from around the world to San Francisco to showcase their projects.  Twelve projects will be demonstrated from these six schools around the world: California College of Art, Delft University of Technology, Georgia Tech, the Royal College of Art, University of California Los Angeles, and University of Southern California. Software and hardware developers, industry leaders, and technology executives will gather to see the latest and greatest coming from Intel.  The Design Expo will be an opportunity to inspire creative new ways to think about technology and its usages.

This movie clip explained the working principle of the KeyPing system that was developed during ITD.

This mindmap shows the associations we have with the KeyPing concept.

Dia 1


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